Work the age old subject again how long do we need to leave to get to Heathrow or Gatwick well if you’re leaving from Weymouth to get to Heathrow do you need to be looking a little bit longer than Bournemouth obviously so we suggest if you’re leaving from Bournemouth to get to Heathrow on a standard day and a standard sort of time you’ll be looking at 2 hours before check-in time it’s far easier to get a coffee that it is run down runway after the plane. That’s for Gatwick during the busiest times of the year I am three hours to three and a half hours and now it seems a long time but you’ve got to get up through Southampton you going to get up through Winchester Eastleigh if you’re going on the M3 you get for the little tail back up at Basingstoke you end up with a little tail back up like water then you’re going to hear the end of the M3 start of the M25 and we all know how that they converted into a smart motorway if there’s an accident up there rather than being able to just drive past the inside of the accident they shut the motorway now this is a minor accident then you’re probably going to be lost for half an hour if it’s a major incident it could be a lot longer. So obviously if you do live down in Weymouth and that little bit extra time on like an hour to get from 15 minutes to get from Weymouth to Bournemouth because you still then gotta get up to the airport. Of course if you had in the Bristol you do have a little so I’m a 20 minute advantage from Weymouth not Bournemouth and 20 minutes so throws down there the quickest way some of the road weekend on the motorways down there D&G the one track roads they can get a bit congested in the stomach with loads of people going into it and then we got ice and snow.